Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Writing

"This is the start of my day, I get up, have a drink and meow while I'm waiting for my food."

"While I wait I'll tell you some things about my house."

"So I practically live in the garage, perfectly fine in there, I have a chair with my bed and a blanket where I'm suppose to sleep but I also sleep everywhere else! Like on some bags, or on a box.....under a box, on a soft flamenco skirt ha ha and on an office chair and I'll leave my fur everywhere. So you got the picture? I also have an area where I have my food and water - my favourite and I have another area where there is a door my inside and outside spot (catflap) plus a litter tray for safety."

"Well, now for outside. There are trees, hedges, grass, flowers, plants and a barbeque oh and an outdoor table along with a little peoples picnic table. When I'm outside I like to sprawl myself out on the grass, sit on the chair all tucked up in a ball, sit on the table and enjoy the sun and also occasionally when there are moths at night I try and catch them."

"So now for the things I enjoy with my owners. Well, family when they are around. Sit on the outdoor table with them and photo bomb in their breakfast pictures. I also like to try and secretly steel a taste of their food hmmmmm how come I don't get that? They use to fall for a 'cute act', but it hasn't been working recently.....they are on to me!"

"So I'll try again, meow meow meow nope still not coming alright looks like I'm going to be talking to you for longer. Oh well no biggy. No biggy right?"

"What else is there to tell you...when I come in side I focus on the food - mission sit on Lauren or her mum Karen. But have I told you, I have a sister? She is just everywhere you know, on the couch, having dinner, inside ALOT, and outside when I'm not around."

"Ha well I'm not allowed to eat her food, take a swipe or even go under the barbeque when she is. I would say why not? Best I don't though. Ha well don't tell anyone but I know her secret hiding spot......"


"Oh that's me - gotta go."

"I'm coming"

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