Sunday, September 20, 2015

Koru Games 2015

Over the last 3 days...

I really enjoyed Koru Games because, thinking back to the start of the year I think I had never really played center and I think I have improved a bit and I enjoyed the experience and this was my last time to be able to participate in Koru Games again. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Construct and describe simple loci.

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I am at Extended Abstract because I can teach others how to do this.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015



This week on PALS we did something really different we ran a game of predator which is a game when 1 person is in and the rest of the players hide and the person who's in when they shout predator and then a count down everyone has to run tag the person in and run back and hide, before the tagger calls you out! This was quite entertaining to watch and doing the countdown. Sometimes if the tagger doesn't notice you can sit with the people that are out and hide and then run when it's countdown which is a fun way to trick them!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Leadership- Radio Station


On Thursday I had School Radio Station. At radio I had arrived early, I picked the 5 songs to play on the radio filled in most the script then Olivia and Jordan arrived and we started. During our broadcasting we shared some up coming events and some interesting news. Also something new we have added is Jordan and Lauren's jokes and riddles so each time we are on we will be sharing a new joke and riddle.

Jordan, Lauren and Olivia will return next on Oaklands school radio on the 20/8/15.

Writing goal- Term 1

Term 1 writing goal was ideas.

In ideas we learnt how to make our writing flow better by linking our paragraphs, also to talk about 1 idea at a time so that you can elaborate on that one idea and go onto another idea in separate paragraphs instead of mixing them all up or talking about 2 ideas at once.
The SOLO level I have achieved for that goal was extended abstract because I was able to use it in my factual writing.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Leadership- Radio Station


On Thursday I had Radio Station. At The broadcasting studio ( Radio room at school) I arrived early I selected the 5 songs to play and filled in part of the script. Then I was accompanied by Olivia and then Jordan arrived we filled in the rest of the script then, we started broadcasting. During the show we shared about some topics we are doing in class, a little bit about our holidays, what the weather should be like, played the selected songs and then it was a few minutes to 9:00am and Jordan and I played the last song and then left Radio Station.

Jordan, Olivia and I will be back Thursday the 6th of August.



On Wednesday I had PALS Kakano area, for the PALS activity we decided to change it up we played with the elastics. We started setting up 2 elastics and there were still no sign of students coming to join in. But within a few more minutes there was a little bunch of students that joined. Then as the group got bigger we had to add in more elastics and stretch out further so they could all play.

We were showing leadership by coming up with suitable ideas for the activity so that we could include everybody, we adapted the game to further self challenge each child. We received positive feedback by the looks on their faces that they were having lots of fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Writing goal Term 2

WALT: Add details in our writing. [ ideas]
My picture shows that I have used senses in my writing[ green highlighter.] The senses we use are touch, hear, smell, sight and taste.

The SOLO level I have achieved for my writing goal is Extended Abstract because I can add proof to my blog to show that I have achieved this goal and could show others how to use this strategy in writing. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Reflection for my Goals

My Goals were to achieve 12 homework challenges for the year, so far I have completed 8/12
My next goal was to be a good leader by doing leadership posts. I have been doing my leadership posts after my leadership roles.
My final goal was to achieve a leadership badge, I have a few more posts to go, before I achieve a leadership badge.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Walt: I can describe the publishing conventions to comprehend main ideas/details in factual texts. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My discovery

This is how our crunchie pieces turned out. We now know how to make it and we can make it of by heart. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Leadership- Radio station

Today I had a radio station meeting. When we were there we had to pair up with someone and I'm with Olivia, and then Mr M drew a timetable which had the days you could choose to be on. Olivia and I are on Thursday mornings between 8:30 till 9:05 am. We got a some sheets and one of them is your script and the other is the manual, on the sheets had a list of expectations and rules for what we can and CANNOT do or say.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Leadership- Librarian


Today at the Library Samara and I arrived and put the newly returned books away, on correct shelves,  Next we sequenced the book numbers from smallest to largest number order, and once we had completed that task we moved on to issuing students books at the desk.
Then we got the duty of letting the people in the Library that the library was closing, due to lunch ending.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Leadership- Wet Day Co-ordinator

Each time it rains, e.g like last week when Rebecca and I went to the Wet Day Monitors classes.

 We go to remind their class or give them a warning if it looks like it might rain, to be prepared in case it does.

Which now each time we turn up they usually would've bet us, to making sure that there is enough Wet Day Monitors to go around the classes that need supervision. I find it quite an enjoyable job even though it's cold and rainy I think that it is actually quite fun to remind the classes with Rebecca.

Hopefully next time it is raining and you can't play outside for morning tea or lunch, Rebecca and I would've bet them to it.

Leadership- Radio station

On Thursday the 4.6.15, Olivia and I went to radio station.
At radio we say good morning, play some songs which by the way we are getting more, say what the weather should be like later on, have some laughs and fun, talk to Mr M and also we like to read out some interesting articles and what's going on and what's coming up at Oaklands school. Like the PTA Disco, Cross Country Cantaburys, bake sale on the 11.6.15 and more. One of the articles I read on the radio was about the new Lego hotel that's in California, and something, Olivia read out was the oldest sisters, both quite different but interesting.Then our broadcasting came to an end, but we will be back in 2 weeks. The next time we are on is the 18.6.15

Monday, June 1, 2015

Leadership- PALS

Today I had PALS physical activity leaders. 

Today we set out a game of soccer and then all these Kakano students came rushing wanting to join in too. Tom numbered them off into teams and then we started. They are good at getting the ball off each other, scoring goals and stopping the goals from going in. It turned out to be really fun in the last 5 or 10 minutes because then we got everyone envolved and we played Tom, Lauren, Cameron, Liam and I, vs the Kakano students playing. So much fun........ They won!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

leadership- Radio station

Last Thursday Jordan,Olivia and I went to radio station.
When we arrived we sorted out who would speak first and who would do this and that then it was time to start. Each Thursday that we're on we always read something out of the notices and say things in our classes that's going on.
I find radio station is a good thing to do, because it's really fun and you get to find out cool information like a story about a dog that saves a family from a fire and that there was a mansion that sold for a dollar, and more.

Next Thursday Jordan, Olivia and I will be on the Oak Radio Station on 107.2 FM.

My career goal is....

My career goal is to become a digital media designer.

I would really like to be a digital media designer because you get to design and create things. You sometime get to create things for posters, billboards and even sometimes parts of movies, and more.

The group I was working on was my ideas everything had to be relavent.

My goals

My Goals were to do 12 homework challenges. So far I have done 7,4 more to go. 
Another goal I had was to be a good leader like doing leadership posts. I have been doing blog posts but should improve.
My last goal was to achieve a leadership badge, it`s in progress.

Skim & Scan Proof


If you got this message in error, or have any questions, please email us at

This is Rebecca and I skimming and scanning.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Helping on peer mediation

On Tuesday I did peer mediation with Rebecca well actually filled in for people. We were on the junior school and we had a problem the issues were the people playing were arguing over the game,people leaving each other out,and the rules of the game not being explained. We were solving the problem for the whole time we were on and finally we came up with a solution for them. Rebecca and I would make them a treaty of the game rules so we quickly wrote down the rules and got them to all sign it and then they were all happy to play they couldn't wait to till they could play again. 

My discovery

This is our homemade crunchie pieces recipes. This is our first solo level.  Our next solo level is to know the recipe of by heart.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


We have been learning how to find the equivalent fraction.

Like... 5/15 the equivalent fraction is 1/3 because you have to find a digit that can divide the numerator and the denominator.

Another example... 6/9 the equivalent fraction would be 2/3 because you can divide both of the numbers by the 3.

The equivalent fraction to 9/18 would be 1/2 .

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Writing

"This is the start of my day, I get up, have a drink and meow while I'm waiting for my food."

"While I wait I'll tell you some things about my house."

"So I practically live in the garage, perfectly fine in there, I have a chair with my bed and a blanket where I'm suppose to sleep but I also sleep everywhere else! Like on some bags, or on a box.....under a box, on a soft flamenco skirt ha ha and on an office chair and I'll leave my fur everywhere. So you got the picture? I also have an area where I have my food and water - my favourite and I have another area where there is a door my inside and outside spot (catflap) plus a litter tray for safety."

"Well, now for outside. There are trees, hedges, grass, flowers, plants and a barbeque oh and an outdoor table along with a little peoples picnic table. When I'm outside I like to sprawl myself out on the grass, sit on the chair all tucked up in a ball, sit on the table and enjoy the sun and also occasionally when there are moths at night I try and catch them."

"So now for the things I enjoy with my owners. Well, family when they are around. Sit on the outdoor table with them and photo bomb in their breakfast pictures. I also like to try and secretly steel a taste of their food hmmmmm how come I don't get that? They use to fall for a 'cute act', but it hasn't been working recently.....they are on to me!"

"So I'll try again, meow meow meow nope still not coming alright looks like I'm going to be talking to you for longer. Oh well no biggy. No biggy right?"

"What else is there to tell you...when I come in side I focus on the food - mission sit on Lauren or her mum Karen. But have I told you, I have a sister? She is just everywhere you know, on the couch, having dinner, inside ALOT, and outside when I'm not around."

"Ha well I'm not allowed to eat her food, take a swipe or even go under the barbeque when she is. I would say why not? Best I don't though. Ha well don't tell anyone but I know her secret hiding spot......"


"Oh that's me - gotta go."

"I'm coming"

Monday, March 16, 2015



Today I had wet day co-ordinator which is going to the year 6 classes and reminding them to go to their assigned class. Rebecca and I went to the year 6 classes, and when we walked in to room 11, Mrs Pattern obviously knew we were coming because they were already sorting out the wet day monitors. Then we went to Mr Hillary`s class and the same thing happened that he was organising out the wet day class monitors as well. They must know us well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leadership- PALS


Today I turned up to PALS. When we arrived some Kakano students were eager to play the Pals activites. One of the students decided that they would play touch and they all agreed we wondered how this would turn out but we went with it. So we set out the cones. Then they chose their own teams and didn't want our help. Then more students came to play so they would start the teams again and they seemed to be entertained while they sorted themselves out. So they were done and were going to play when they wanted to move the cones so they moved the cones along with sorting out who had what goal, and who started with the ball.Then we were all sorted.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leadership - PALS


Today I had PALS-Physical activity leaders. I started a game of tag with the Kakano students, and they continued the game on as well as us joining in. Then we played another game, Duck, duck, goose. That was heaps of fun having the juniors chase you or you chase them but when we were in we didn`t always get them because they were running quite fast.We ended up having more little kids that joined in to have some fun. I was showing leadership skills by turning up, and also leading by example.

On the Tuesday the 24.02.14 the day before my next session of PALS. I will meet up with my group  so we could be more organised [e.g if we need any sports equipment for our next activity.]