Thursday, June 26, 2014


WALT:write an explanation. 
Do you trust a well known brand?

Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act.
what is a the Consumer Guarantees Act and why do we have it?

We have a Consumer Guarantees Act to protect us when we're buying things, so we can replace,repair or redress things if something is faulty or develops a fault. 

I'm going to talk about an example where the Consumer Guarantees Act has been broken,and how it has effected the consumer and businesses. 

There is a group of people that have made a fake company of Ergobaby. They have been selling them to unknown customers. The consumers wouldn't be able to redress because they aren't a true company. So people aren't getting a real Ergobaby product,and people are getting lied to and whoever they are have been breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

One of the rules that were broken was fit for purpose. The buckle on the baby carrier couldn't hold much weight,which would have meant that the baby would have fallen out and could have even died. 

The baby carrier definitely wasn't acceptable quality,because you wouldn't use it for holding your baby and you still would have to buy a new one.

Consumers also have a right to expect they aren't going to be tricked into buying something or for the retailer to lie to them. The effect on the businesses is that they would be losing a lot of money,and customers because they would be losing trust in them and the brand. Also the effect on the consumers would be that they wouldn't know if it's a real one or not,and they'd losing trust and would stop buying the real Ergobaby brand thinking it would be a fake. 

Overall:The consumers Guarantees Act was broken because they hadn't followed the rules as a retailer should.