Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOW in Wellington

October holidays,the day has come. It was going to be an amazing experience, I was so excited.

After our short flight to Wellington we went to the Weta cave and the Weta cave workshop,got ready and walked down to the wearable arts. When we entered and we waited for around 5-10 minutes.There was this guy just before it started and he was getting us all to clap and things like that.Then the lights went out the show was beginning .Taz,Lee-anne,my mum and I looked at each other all ready for the amazement.

Out came the models in the costumes they looked amazing.After some costumes there were these people dressed,all in white they were near the top of the roof on these  beams.They came rolling down like toilet paper coming off the cardboard roll.Another costume was so cool how the designers were so creative with their costumes.Like this pink dress that looked like you couldn`t move except when you were walking.

In one of the catagories they had these people that were on wheels rolling around in this fancy and creative costume.Taz & me figured out that they were the people singing oprah.I think it was after that there was a circus theme and there was a guy, that looked like he was just made out of muscles.Also there was another person that came out of a small clear box.After she had done her skills and things she squashed herself into that tiny box.

When the show had ended they announced the awards one of them was that pink dress.What an awesome show.

when we left we went to have dinner I ate indian it was delicous.

The next day was our last day.We went shopping,I bought a jersey.
After that we went to Wellington Zoo.Taz,Lee-anne and my Mum kept looking at them.The baboons have really pink and bare bums.I`m pretty sure we stayed there the longest.Finally we moved on.Then we looked at the rest of the animals like the Giraffes you could get up real close to them.Then it was time to leave Wellington Zoo.

We got a taxi and drove to the airport.We waited for quite a while.Me and Taz decided we would get chips and wedges.YUM! We also ate other snacks that we had brought.

We boarded our plane then back at Christchurch I said goodbye and left Christchurch airport.What an awesome two day holiday/trip.