Wednesday, August 26, 2015



This week on PALS we did something really different we ran a game of predator which is a game when 1 person is in and the rest of the players hide and the person who's in when they shout predator and then a count down everyone has to run tag the person in and run back and hide, before the tagger calls you out! This was quite entertaining to watch and doing the countdown. Sometimes if the tagger doesn't notice you can sit with the people that are out and hide and then run when it's countdown which is a fun way to trick them!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Leadership- Radio Station


On Thursday I had School Radio Station. At radio I had arrived early, I picked the 5 songs to play on the radio filled in most the script then Olivia and Jordan arrived and we started. During our broadcasting we shared some up coming events and some interesting news. Also something new we have added is Jordan and Lauren's jokes and riddles so each time we are on we will be sharing a new joke and riddle.

Jordan, Lauren and Olivia will return next on Oaklands school radio on the 20/8/15.

Writing goal- Term 1

Term 1 writing goal was ideas.

In ideas we learnt how to make our writing flow better by linking our paragraphs, also to talk about 1 idea at a time so that you can elaborate on that one idea and go onto another idea in separate paragraphs instead of mixing them all up or talking about 2 ideas at once.
The SOLO level I have achieved for that goal was extended abstract because I was able to use it in my factual writing.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Leadership- Radio Station


On Thursday I had Radio Station. At The broadcasting studio ( Radio room at school) I arrived early I selected the 5 songs to play and filled in part of the script. Then I was accompanied by Olivia and then Jordan arrived we filled in the rest of the script then, we started broadcasting. During the show we shared about some topics we are doing in class, a little bit about our holidays, what the weather should be like, played the selected songs and then it was a few minutes to 9:00am and Jordan and I played the last song and then left Radio Station.

Jordan, Olivia and I will be back Thursday the 6th of August.



On Wednesday I had PALS Kakano area, for the PALS activity we decided to change it up we played with the elastics. We started setting up 2 elastics and there were still no sign of students coming to join in. But within a few more minutes there was a little bunch of students that joined. Then as the group got bigger we had to add in more elastics and stretch out further so they could all play.

We were showing leadership by coming up with suitable ideas for the activity so that we could include everybody, we adapted the game to further self challenge each child. We received positive feedback by the looks on their faces that they were having lots of fun.