Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spirals learnt her lesson.....

WALT: To write a good story with a modern day moral. 

One warm summers day on a tropical island, the trees were swaying in the breeze. The warmth of the sun was heating the sand and making the water glisten like diamonds. The only sound came from two cheerful rainbow parrots darting around.

After twenty minutes of playing hide and seek, Spiral found an amazing spot to hide in, amongst the pineapple trees.  Suddenly Spiral got a giant fright from a strange bird with dark grey feathers that started talking to her.  Then by offering Spiral a juicy looking mango,Spiral couldn`t resist.

Within three seconds Spiral dropped to the ground.  The dark grey bird Crackers was jealous of her brightly coloured feathers and was happy she was gone.

Ginja Ninja found Spiral in a very sick condition.  Ginja Ninja had a rush of panic run down her whole body.  She wondered who did this and why?  When a rainbow appeared  !  Ginja Ninja then felt a rush of relief,when she saw the magical fruit glistening on the rainbow.  She flew as fast as she could to retrieve the magical fruit and raced back so fast that her wings started aching.  Then she gave Spiral the magical fruit.

Within a few days Spiral recovered,and has learnt her lesson not to take things from strangers.

One day Spiral was splish splashing taking a bath,when she discovered under her wing a patch of dark grey.  To this day Spiral is always reminded not to accept things from strangers.

Since Spirals recovery her and Ginja Ninja have felt sorry for Crackers because he has dark grey feathers ,and they want to help Crackers have rainbow feathers just like them.

Crackers decides that he is sick of being the bad bird and he wont be mean to any other birds because he has no friends to play hide and seek,and has no more tropical parrots to pick on.

After a few weeks of being really nice, he got rewarded rainbow feathers!  They all became best of friends and played hide and seek.  Ginja Ninja was in "1,2,3,4,5,6,7" and so on.  Spiral and Crackers flew off so that Ginja Ninja would have to find them.  When Ginja Ninja got up to thirty seconds she yelled"READY OR NOT HERE I FLY!"


The solo level I have reached for surface features is relational  because I have used a range of different punctuation in my narrative and I know why I have used it. 

The SOLO level I have reached for my narrative is relational because, I think my opening paragraph draws the audience in,and that my story is descriptive. 

My next step is to expand my ideas.

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